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Step Out offers
an energetic approach to dancing across a wide range of styles.

View our styles below.


An upbeat, stylised, technical dance style. Building strength and co-ordination to assist with jumps, turns and flexibility. Get grooving to modern music and fresh choreography.

Our classes cater to all ages and abilities. Step Out is certified with the NZAMD syllabus, working towards levelling up your dance confidence.


An expressive style that combines elements of jazz, lyrical and ballet. Striving to connect the mind and body to move through space with self expression, intention and control.

We offer classes in Contemporary dance for students aged 7+.  Working through the NZAMD syllabus, our dancers learn how to flow their movements together with alignment and technique.


A fierce, dynamic, funky style of dance that encourages bold moves and confidence. This high energy style is paired with fresh beats creating a vibrant environment to move and groove.

We offer classes for all ages in Hip Hop Dance. Combining teaching the NZAMD syllabus and our own fresh choreography, we recommend this style to all.


A graceful, traditional style that is the backbone of all dance genres. This style helps enhance technique, core strength and overall discipline. This style is a great base for any aspiring dancer, and provides detail orientated fundamentals.

We offer classes for all ages in Ballet dance. Teaching the NZAMD syllabus and open classes to build technique and strength.

It’s a requirement for Grades 4+ to take conditioning alongside your weekly ballet class.


A playful, strength building style that enhances every style of dance. Encouraging confidence, strength and agility.

Classes are for students aged 5+. With an emphasis on safety and the right equipment, our specialised teachers will level up your tricks in no time.


Do you have a pre-school performer who loves to boogie? We have the perfect class for them. Using props, imagination and groovy music your wee ones will develop coordination and a love for dance.

Our students learn the basics of dance with an emphasis on fun and play. Pre-school classes are best suited for tamariki aged between 2-5 years.


A fluid and emotive style that combines elements of ballet, contemporary and jazz.

Encouraging free movement, through use of storytelling this style will get you in the feels.
We offer an Open Lyrical class for ages 11+.

Open Lyrical, Tuesdays from 6:30pm 7:30pm.


Conditioning is a fun fusion of stretch and strength based exercises designed to support and extend dance technique. This style is a great class to take alongside any dance style to gain more strength and control.

We offer an Open Conditioning class for ages 10+. This class is compulsory for all ballet students Grade 4+.

Conditioning Class, Thursdays 6:30pm - 7:30pm.

"Our girls absolutely LOVE coming along to Step Out having moved there from their previous dance school.

Not only do I see their development as dancers, but the Step Out team also encourage really respectful relationships and friendships amongst all of the dancers who go there. We are really pleased we made the move!"

Parent, Fran Bellingham.

"Step Out Dance has been so wonderful for our teenager, who only started dancing in the last year.  It really is a fun relaxed atmosphere which has made all the difference, and it is always fantastic when our daughter comes home with so much excitement from having learnt new cool dance routines in a totally non-judgmental and fun environment."

Parent, Nik Florance.

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