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FEE Structure

Term Fees.

30 Minute Class
$115.00 per term
45 Minute Class
$135.00 per term
60 Minute Class
$155.00 per term
75 Minute Class
$175.00 per term
90 Minute Class
$195.00 per term
fee Structure

Ready to dance?

The above fees are for one term of dancing with Step Out Dance Co.

1. New Students
New students enrolling for the first time will incur a one off $20 registration fee.
2. Multiple Discounts
We offer a family/multiple class discount: 5% off bills over $300 and 10% off bills over $600.
3. Performance Troupes
Troupes have separate term fees due to the extra costs associated such as competition entry fees, costuming, teachers at competitions and more. These classes are not included in the multi class discount.

Our fee policy.

Payment time.
Fees are payable strictly in advance prior to the term commencing to secure a place in a class. Late fees will apply if fees are received after the first week of each term.
No refunds are given for missed classes due to family holidays, overseas trips, birthdays etc. Refunds will only be given due to serious illness or injury with medical certificate and bereavements.

Parents and caregivers must contact the office to confirm an un-enrolment prior to week 3 of term. There will be no refund of term fees if a student leaves a class after the first 3 weeks of term.

Altering classes.
Changing classes at any time will not incur any charges unless there is a discrepancy in the term fees.

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