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Step out Dance Company

Performance Troupes.

Take your dancing with Step Out Dance Company to the next level.

Level up, level up, level up.

Our Step Out performance troupes are specifically designed for our top dancers and performers to extend their potential.

Our troupe dancers participate in competitions, events and their very own annual troupe show. These opportunities help our dancers grow in all aspects of performing.

Gaining confidence and community our troupes are a great way to get on stage and develop professional performance skills. Auditions take place in December, however private auditions can be arranged on request.

Our award winning routines are known for dynamic, high energy, funk and flare.



‘C’est La Vie’
2nd U9 Groups at ABTC.
3rd U12 Jazz Groups at HVPACS.
3rd U11 Jazz Groups at UHCS.

‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’
1st U12 Jazz Groups at HVPACS.
1st 10&U Groups at ABTC.
2nd U13 Groups at PNDA.
2nd U14 Groups at UHCS.

‘Knock on Wood’

PACANZ nomination at HVPACS.
1st 12 & U15 Jazz Groups at HVPACS.
1st 12 & U15 Groups UHCS.
3rd U13 Groups at PNDA.

‘Time Warp’
1st U13 Groups at PNDA.
2nd 12 & U15 Groups at UCHS.
2nd 12 & U15 Jazz Groups at HVPACS.

‘Voulez Vous’
1st 15+ Groups Smash Dance Awards
‘Shake the Room’

1st Junior Jazz Groups at UHCS.
1st Junior Jazz Groups at PNDA.


1st Junior Jazz Groups at Impact and 1st overall group.
1st Intermediate Jazz Groups at UHCS.
1st Junior Jazz Groups at PNDA.


PACANZ nomination at PNDA.
2nd senior Jazz Groups at UHCS.
‘Ballroom Blitz’

1st Junior Jazz Groups at NWDC
1st U11 Groups at UHCS
1st U11 Groups at UHCS
1st U10 Jazz Groups NWDC

‘Can You Do This’
1st U11 at UHCS.
1st 11 and U14 Jazz Groups NWDC.
2nd Intermediate Jazz Groups at NWDC.
2nd 11&12 years Groups UHCS Seniors.

‘Uh Huh’

PACANZ nomination UHCS Placed 19th out of 56 troupes at PACANZ Nationals.

‘Black Betty’
1st 14 and over Groups NWDC.
2nd 14&15 years Groups UHCS.
2nd 12-15 Jazz Groups UHCS.

"Thank you guys for all the hard work you put in. Their competition groups are amazing. All their routines are so polished, and you can see from their faces that the children love what they are doing.

The Step Out troupes are not only supportive of each other but also the other troupes not from our studio, this is all down to the environment and ethos created at Step Out."

Parent, Kamles Chhiba.

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